Free Mojgan

Free Mojgan

Mojgan Shamsalipoor is a young female refugee from Iran. She applied for refugee status in 2012 and while it was processed was allowed to live in Brisbane.

Since arriving on our shores, she has been a model citizen, gone to school, found love and married.

After 2 years the Department of Immigration found Ms Shamsalipoor did not qualify as a refugee, she was taken back into detention at the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has refused to intervene in the case.

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Australian Story

Introduced by Caroline Jones

This weeks Australian Story (ABC - 25/07/2016) program is about a young woman who puts a human face to the issue of "unauthorised" boat arrivals in Australia.

Mojgan Shamsalipoor fled terrible personal trauma in her home country, Iran, and found sanctuary in Brisbane where she was able to live in the community while awaiting a decision on her protection visa.

At a youth camp she met a young Iranian refugee, Milad Jafari. They fell in love, married and were looking forward to a happier future.

Howe'ver, despite her apparent good fortune, her visa has been denied and she is now locked in detention with little prospect of fulfilling her dream of having a family with Milad and becoming a midwife.
But she has many supporters who are determined to see her released back into the community.

Our View

We understand the law related to refugees. We understand every case has to be looked at independently. We do not understand why Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has refused to intervene.

We call on Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to show empathy and heart by allowing Mojgan to stay in Australia.


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