Brisburnian | Cane Toad Reference City Guide

A person from Brisbane is a Brisburnian with folk from Queensland known as Cane Toads.

State knicknames: Western Australia (Perth): Sandgroper, South Australia (Adelaide): Crow Eater, New South Wales (Sydney): Cockroach & Sydneysider, Queensland (Brisbane): Cane Toad & Brisburnian, Northern Territory (Darwin): Territorian & Darwinian, Tasmania: Tasmanian & Victoria: Mexican & Melburnian

◉ Charles Kingsford Smith
Charles Kingsford Smith
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, pioneer aviator, who, with his crew, made the first flight across the Pacific in his aircraft, the "Southern Cross", from San Francisco, California, USA to Brisbane, Queensland, Aus

Charles Kingsford Smith